I am Doing the Right Thing

Kuy Thida, a Cambodian transman faces gender discrimination and financial struggles in his life

Kuy Thida, a Cambodian transman who moved from Siem Reap Province to Phnom Penh, faces gender discrimination and financial struggles in his life. He says “I must be economically independent to advocate for my rights and identify my own destiny within my family. Now that I am running my business, my niece accepts me to be who I am and my parents start feeling more positive about my transman status. My parents are so surprised to see what I am doing. My mother told me that you are adult now, and I trust your ideas and what you are doing nowadays.”

Thida believes it is important to be economically independent because “my parents and community will accept me more and more when I finish my degree at university and am successful in my business.  Also, I will support my LGBT friends and community.”

Thida added “I have a dream to open a printing shop, and I can do it now. I have my niece who helps my business and delivers to clients in her free time, and now I am printing for weddings and ceremonies too”.

Thida plans to open a medium-sized printing shop in the next couple years on a main road. The transman thanks so much Micro Rainbow for offering technical and financial support.