Receiving the Ambassador of the European Union in Brazil

visita-ambassador-ue-01The hope and belief that the world may soon be a place with less prejudice and more opportunities for social inclusion is the optimistic vision that set the tone for the visit of the European Union delegation in Brazil to one of their funded projects in Rio de Janeiro. Project Micro Rainbow Brazil is a partnership between Micro Rainbow and Grupo Arco-Iris. The EU Ambassador, Mr. João Gomes Cravinho, attended a meeting at the Centro de Cidadania Rinaldo De Lamare in the slums of Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, together with the Minister Counsellor, Ms. Claudia Ginterdorfer, and the Chief Counsellor of the Political Division, Mr. Stefan Simosas.

Selected a year ago to receive financial support from the European Union over three years, Project Micro Rainbow Brazil aims to combat homophobia and reduce the poverty of LGBT people by helping them improve their professional skills and open their own businessses.

“We have reached the end of the first year. We who are here today do not manage the project directly, therefore, it was very important to come to Rio to visit, see and understand the operating logic. We already knew on paper, but it is different when we are in a place and perceive the interplay of people, how they relate”, said the Ambassador.

Clarisse Kalume, a coordinator of Micro Rainbow Brazil, explained to the delegation the operation of the project. “We receive a constant flow of people interested in our services. We undertake a long interview in order to understand the vulnerability and circumstances in which a person lives and what they would like to work with. Within the project, we try to find courses and opportunities that match our beneficiaries’ interests.”

The Ambassador was excited by the possibilities that Micro Rainbow offers to disadvantaged groups. “Human rights is a very important issue for us, the 28 countries of the European Union, because we understand that it is part of our identity, our way of being in the world”, he said.

Representatives of Micro Rainbow’s partners, ViraVida and Subsecretaria de inclusão Produtiva da Secretaria Municipal de Desenvolvimento Social (SMDS) also attended the meeting alongside our outreach partners and residents of Rocinha.

Written by Maisa Capobiango

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