NGLCC Global 5th LGBT Summit of the Americas

Toronto, Canada 14 June 2017

On June 14, MRI’s Project Manager from Brazil, Lucas Paoli Itaborahy joined Lee Badgett from the Williams Institute on a panel about LGBTI Inclusion and Economic Development and shared Micro Rainbow´s strategies to alleviate LGBTI poverty in Brazil by supporting new entrepreneurs to start their own small businesses. Lucas shared his impression on the event:

“It was so inspiring to meet successful LGBT entrepreneurs from North and South America and hear their stories of how their businesses started and how they overcome challenges and setbacks. For the last 3 years, we´ve been teaching entrepreneurship courses to low income LGBT people in Rio de Janeiro and we´re slowly creating a community of LGBTI entrepreneurs who also shares similar stories and who is very willing to help each other. Being part of this event gave me so many ideas to improve our courses and motivated me to keep doing this work. Hopefully one day some of our students will create their own lesbian and gay chamber of commerce in Brazil!”

We would like to thank Egale Canada Human Rights Trust for inviting us to speak in this conference and the organizers of this event for strengthening such an important network of LGBTI business owners who sets great examples of success and challenge negative stereotypes associated to our community”.