Pink At Work

PINK AT WORK is an online platform of products and services offered by LGBT entrepreneurs.
Pink at work

PINK AT WORK is an online platform of products and services offered by LGBT entrepreneurs that was created by Isabela Colucci and Isaque Lima, former students and teaching assistants of the MRI entrepreneurship course. Inspired by their participation in the project and the potential of virtual networks to empower vulnerable groups, they describe this innovative tool. Isaque explains:

“Pink at Work was created after a conversation in the first class of the entrepreneurship course, where we realised that there was no platform to promote products and services offered by LGBT people. Through an easy-to-access platform that includes a customer review feature, we
intended to strengthen and give visibility to LGBT businesses so that they could potentially expand in the future. The LGBT community is a
strong consumer base, and we could direct our buying power to promote our own businesses and circulate money within the community,
empowering ourselves and creating a network of services and businesses”.

Isa reflects on the social relevance and sustainability of the initiative in helping LGBT micro entrepreneurs enter the market:

“When we encourage individual production and, in this case, the LGBT audience specifically, we better distribute income, create equal conditions and allow each person to develop their potential. Relying on small business is the most sustainable path for our society as a whole. It is very inspiring for me to know that the entrepreneur can compete
in this market. Even if you pay a little more sometimes, it’s not just the price that makes a product or a service”.