Abuse of Cambodian LGBTI makes and keeps them poor!

Many LGBT people in Cambodia are destined to be and remain poor according to a report by Micro Rainbow and CamASEAN Youth’s Future.
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Many LGBTI people in Cambodia are destined to be and remain poor according to a new report by Micro Rainbow and CamASEAN Youth’s Future.

The report “Poverty of LGBT people in Cambodia” shows that exclusion and discrimination of LGBT people leads to poverty.

“LGBT people live in a situation of poverty and lack prospects for the future because of the discrimination and abuse they face in schools, in public spaces, in accessing services, by their families, the government or the community solely because of their sexuality or gender expression”

says Srorn Srun, Founder of CamASEAN Youth’s Future.

In a country with the lowest unemployment rate in the world (but with 80% of workers in vulnerable employment), a staggering 27% of LGBT interviewed are unemployed and 87% have not completed their education.

With concrete recommendations, this report calls on government agencies and policy makers, employers, civil society organisations and service providers to take urgent actions to ensure that LGBT people are “not left behind” in reaching the sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by United Nations to end poverty and inequality by 2030.

Sebastian Rocca, Founder and CEO, MRI said:

“SDG1 aims to end poverty in all it’s forms everywhere. This report shows that supporting LGBT people to set up their own small businesses and making sure that LGBT youth complete their studies are concrete actions that would contribute to “no one being left behind”.

Mr Srorn added,

“If we are serious about equality and not leaving LGBT people behind, this report not only offers several starting points for action, but also the opportunity to reach out to local LGBT organisations to enlist their advice and guidance to design and implement LGBT inclusive development programs and policies in Cambodia”.

The report will be officially launched on the occasion of IDAHOT 2016 and during Cambodia pride week, on 12th May 2016, in Phnom Penh (Cambodia).

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