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Call for applications

Call for applications for Micro Rainbow International Foundation’s 11th training in Brazil.

Economic empowerment & advocacy

10th training for low-income LGBTQI entrepreneurs in Brazil

Learn about the impacts of the training in the lives and businesses of our beneficiaries and how we facilitated the participation of many LGBTQI entrepreneurs in small business fairs throughout the country.

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Economic empowerment & advocacy

Thalyne’s Story

Find out how Thalyne, who concluded our 9th small business training and our 2nd Acceleration Programme in Brazil, was able to expand her business and organize the first LGBTIQ+ business fair in the north of the country.

Economic empowerment & advocacy

Ian’s story

Ian is a trans entrepreneur from Brazil who joined our training during the pandemic in the hopes of improving his business skills. Find out how he managed to expand his business, open his own vegan restaurant and increase his income more than 10 times in less than a year.

Macuco's story
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Macuco’s story

Macuco, a lesbian craft beer business from the south of Brazil which managed to overcome the damages of the pandemic, boost their sales and expand their brand after attending our first Business Acceleration Programme, in partnership with Meta and Aliança Nacional LGBTI+.

Accelerating LGBTQI businesses in Brazil
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Accelerating LGBTQI businesses in Brazil

Between September 2021 and April 2022, we held our first Business Acceleration Programme for LGBTQI entrepreneurs in Brazil, in partnership with Meta and Aliança Nacional LGBTI.

9th small business training
Economic empowerment & advocacy

9th small business training for low-income LGBTQI+ entrepreneurs in Brazil

On May 2022, we started our 9th small business training for low-income LGBTQI people in Brazil. Find out how the selection process went and how we hope to support 42 entrepreneurs across all regions of the country, including the most vulnerable members of our community, in the development of their small businesses and improvement of livelihoods.

Wanessa with her make-up
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Wanessa’s story

Wanessa is a trans woman living in poverty in Rio de Janeiro. After undertaking MRIF’s small business training in 2020, her life changed completely. Training enabled her to improve her skills, increase her income and overcome barriers and fears.

8th small business training
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Giving hope to LGBTI entrepreneurs in Brazil amid the pandemic

MRIF held its eighth training for low-income LGBTI entrepreneurs in Brazil between April and July 2021. Giving hope to our beneficiaries amid the pandemic and increased support networks for LGBTI entrepreneurs across the country.

Pride Run 2021 Medal

Pride Run 10K 2021

The MRI Foundation is the Pride Run 10K official charity for 2021!

Rainbow Flag
Economic empowerment & advocacy

A civil society guide to cracking the World Bank

It’s time to fully understand and leverage the economic development and MDB community to advance economic empowerment for LGBTI people. This guide informs CSOs so that they can advance LGBTI economic empowerment through the World Bank.

LGBTI and Trangender Flags
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Breaking New Ground for LGBTI Empowerment

International development banks are starting to move forward with more LGBTI inclusive policies. The MRIF has played a major role in advocating for these changes and will continue to make sure there is an LGBTI seat at the table.

Cambodian Traditional Dancing
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Advancing LGBTI rights in Cambodia

Contributing to advancing LGBTI rights in Cambodia by engaging with the government and lobbying the World Bank.

6th Course Students
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Supporting LGBTI entrepreneurs amid Brazil’s crisis

The impact of MRIF’s 6th small-business course for LGBTI entrepreneurs in Rio de Janeiro and how it contributed to their socio-economic empowerment amid Brazil’s crisis.

Andréa Brazil
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Andréa’s Story

Andréa Brazil, trans, activist and feminist, tells us how she founded Capacitrans, assisting trans people in Rio obtain professional qualifications.

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Emergency housing and support

Zaid’s story

A new refugee’s struggle to find accommodation and move on after waiting months for a decision on his asylum claim.

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Emergency housing and support

Abdul’s story

£36 prevented homelessness and legal uncertainty. How LGBTI asylum seekers struggle with homelessness and poverty.