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Micro Rainbow International Foundation (MRIF) is a charity registered with the Charity Commission in October 2016. MRIF's vision is to contribute to a world where lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) people can achieve their full potential in life and have equal access to employment, training, education, financial services, healthcare, housing, places of faith, and public places and services.

Our strategic objectives

  • the promotion of social inclusion amongst LGBTI people by preventing them from becoming socially excluded and relieving the needs of those who are;
  • the promotion of equality and diversity by:
    • the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status;
    • advancing education and raising awareness in equality and diversity; and
    • conducting and commissioning research on equality and diversity issues in relation to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people and publishing the results.

What we do

We work globally to help LGBTI people achieve their full potential in life and have equal access to employment, training, education, financial services, healthcare, housing, places of faith, and public places and services.

We do so through three main programmes: economic empowerment and advocacyemergency housing and support and social inclusion. For each programme we have a target to achieve in 2019. You can help us achieve these targets by fundraising for us. Your support will change LGBTI lives. We have also listed some examples of how small income generating activities can promote LGBTI equality in Cambodia and how as little as £36 can prevent homelessness of LGBTI asylum seekers in the United Kingdom.

Economic empowerment & advocacy

Because of discrimination, many LGBTI people around the world are prevented from accessing education, employment and financial services. The charity supports LGBTI people living with less than $1 a day by delivering small business trainings, moving on services and facilitating micro-finance.


To raise £2,500 to mentor 25 LGBTI people living in poverty in Cambodia and Brazil to set up income generating activities.

LGBTI acceptance in Cambodia

The impact of poverty reduction programmes in achieving social acceptance.

Emergency housing & support

Thousands of LGBTI people come to the UK because they face torture, imprisonment or even the death penalty in their country, because of who they are and love. The charity supports vulnerable LGBTI asylum seekers who are at risk of homelessness and extreme poverty with emergency housing and small grants for food, toiletries and transport.


To raise £5,000 to pay for 250 bed-nights emergency accommodation for homeless LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees.

Abdul's story

How LGBTI asylum seekers struggle with homelessness and poverty.

Social inclusion

Many LGBTI people are rejected by their families and communities and live in extreme isolation. The charity delivers activities that help them build new friendships and stronger social safety nets.


To raise £2,500 to pay for transport costs for 500 LGBTI people living in poverty to attend support groups and services and to access volunteering and employment opportunities.

Muhammad's story

Follow his journey from Pakistan to the UK, the hurdles he has faced along the way, and the comfort he has found in the social inclusion programme.

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