Advocating for LGBTQI social and economic inclusion

Launch of the in-country implementation of the regional project, (IM)PART, advocating for LGBTQI social and economic inclusion
Advocating for LGBTQI Social and Economic Inclusion

Micro Rainbow International Foundation Cambodia recently launched the in-country implementation of the regional project, (IM)PART.

(IM)PART: Advocating for LGBTQI social and economic inclusion

(IM)PART aims to increase the social and economic inclusion of LGBTQI people and communities in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Philippines and Thailand through engaging the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the private sector/businesses, and promote diversity and inclusion as reflected in their policies, practices, spaces and activities.

Engaging the ADB on LGBTQI is strategic as changes happening in their headquarters can redound to all countries where they operate. Likewise, continuing engagements with the private/business sector is necessary, since evidence shows that LGBTQI people continue to experience exclusion in the workplace.

The target solutions include expanding advocacy, awareness raising, community-led research/data generation, capacity strengthening and ensuring that LGBTQI communities are meaningfully involved. Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health (APCOM) and its country partners will implement advocacy and awareness raising on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics (SOGIESC) while also using the World Bank/UNDPLGBTQI Inclusion Index, and push for LGBTQI inclusion targeting the ADB resident missions in the five countries. Moreover, engagements with private sector players who were reached during Finance Inc. pilot project on LGBTQI inclusion will be expanded to other companies and the Chambers of Commerce in the respective countries. Aside from country level interventions, APCOM and its partners will also participate in relevant regional and international venues where LGBTQI economic and social inclusion can be advocated for.

SOGIESC workshops with the private sector

Working with the private sector MRI Foundation Cambodia held two SOGIESC Workshops with a total of 71 participants. These workshops were conducted with Unilever Cambodia and Mohasara Law Office to raise awareness of their staff and enhance inclusiveness and non-discrimination in the workplace. As a result, participants gain knowledge on SOGIESC and increase non-discriminatory language in the workplace.

MRI Foundation Cambodia and APCOM aim to collaborate more with the private sector in developing non-discriminatory policy in the workplace.

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