MRIF’s socioeconomic inclusion work in the Harvard Public Health Review

MRIF's Brasil team contributed crucial insights to new scholarship by Monica Malta of the University of Toronto.

Since 2015, MRIF has worked on several fronts for the socioeconomic empowerment of LGBTQI+ people in Brazil. During the Covid19 pandemic, we expanded and diversified our entrepreneurship training based on the real needs of our beneficiaries and provided financial support and mentoring for small businesses, acceleration programs and upskilling workshops.

Learn more about the history of our work, its methods and impacts in a new article written by researcher Monica Malta (Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto) in partnership with the Micro Rainbow Brasil team and published in the 72nd edition of Harvard Public Health Review. Read the article: Fighting Poverty among LGBTQI+ Persons from Brazil: Socioeconomic Inclusion and the Experience of Micro Rainbow International Foundation.

We thank Professor Monica Malta for her tireless fight in producing knowledge on LGBTQI+ vulnerabilities and rights and for her trust in our work. We also thank the entire Micro Rainbow Brasil team, especially coordinators Ivana Ribeiro and Clarisse Kalume, for taking the lead on this article which does much justice to our trajectory.

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