A civil society guide to cracking the World Bank

It's time to fully understand and leverage the economic development and MDB community to advance economic empowerment for LGBTI people. This guide informs CSOs so that they can advance LGBTI economic empowerment through the World Bank.
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Based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics, concerns that LGBTI people are among the most vulnerable and excluded groups have begun to drive some efforts of the multilateral development banks (MDBs). However, approaches to address such exclusion are often articulated through the perspective of the MDBs without significant opportunities for LGBTI civil society to present their lived realities, nor their ability to meaningfully participate in crafting measures to alleviate poverty in their communities. The MDBs must do more to hear these voices and structure inclusive economic growth to reach LGBTI people.

To advance economic empowerment and development for LGBTI people, it’s time to fully understand and leverage the gravity of the economic development and MDB community. This guide seeks to inform and educate Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) so that they can advance – on their own terms – LGBTI economic empowerment through one of the most pivotal development institutions, the World Bank. It is thus the first of its kind, intended to alter the knowledge imbalance between the World Bank and LGBTI CSOs around the world. To rectify this current knowledge gap, Micro Rainbow International Foundation has supported this work with the idea that it should be long-term and mutually beneficial to civil society as well as the MDBs. 

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