LGBTI-centred economic empowerment and advocacy programmes that are improving the livelihoods of many poor LGBTI people.

LGBTI and Trangender Flags
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Breaking New Ground for LGBTI Empowerment

International development banks are starting to move forward with more LGBTI inclusive policies. The MRIF has played a major role in advocating for these changes and will continue to make sure there is an LGBTI seat at the table.

Cambodian Traditional Dancing
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Advancing LGBTI rights in Cambodia

Contributing to advancing LGBTI rights in Cambodia by engaging with the government and lobbying the World Bank.

Micro Rainbow Cambodia participates in a regional inception meeting in Bali
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Regional inception meeting in Bali

Micro Rainbow Cambodia shares its poverty reduction programme with activists from Indonesia, Laos PDR, and The Philippines.

LGBTI micro-finance
Economic empowerment & advocacy

LGBTI micro-finance

The article explains why LGBTI people in Cambodia are financially excluded and why they become or stay poor. It also explains what MRI is doing to ensure that LGBTI people can access micro-finance products to step out of poverty.

LGBTI celebrate International Women Day in Cambodia
Economic empowerment & advocacy

LGBTI celebrate International Women’s Day in Cambodia

On 07th March, 2018 Micro Rainbow collaborated with LGBTI NGOs in Cambodia to organise a public exhibition about LGBTI issues and poverty reduction program at Cambodia Japan Cooperation Centre (CJCC).

Andréa Brazil
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Through the eyes of a trans activist

To celebrate Transgender Visibility Month, we share the story of a trans activist who joined our small business course and became a member of our Brazil team.

Cambodia Radio Interview
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Raising awareness on the radio in Cambodia

Ms. Chhoeurng Rachana said “Economic Empowerment and LGBTI rights should parallel working together for LGBTI acceptance in Cambodia”.