Andréa’s Story

Andréa Brazil, trans, activist and feminist, tells us how she founded Capacitrans, assisting trans people in Rio obtain professional qualifications.
Andréa Brazil

Andréa Brazil is a trans entrepreneur and activist from Rio de Janeiro. She always dreamed of having her own business and helping other trans to have better work opportunities and living conditions.

She encountered many barriers throughout the 20 years in which she worked in beauty salons. This was due to transphobia, financial hardships and lack of business management skills. After taking Micro Rainbow International Foundation’s small business course in 2017, her dreams came true and she created her own clothing brand and Capacitrans, a pioneering social project helping trans people gain professional qualifications.

Andréa tells us about the impact of Micro Rainbow International Foundation’s course in her life. The lessons she learned and how she managed to bring Capacitrans to life in a short period of time. She reveals her plans for the future and shows us how access to knowledge and upskilling opportunities can change LGBTI people’s lives!

Read the full story in Portuguese or English.

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