Woman with dark hair in the foreground, holding a small microphone. Behind her are tables and a crowd of people
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Thalyne’s Story

Find out how Thalyne, who concluded our 9th small business training and our 2nd Acceleration Programme in Brazil, was able to expand her business and organize the first LGBTIQ+ business fair in the north of the country.

Economic empowerment & advocacy

Ian’s story

Ian is a trans entrepreneur from Brazil who joined our training during the pandemic in the hopes of improving his business skills. Find out how he managed to expand his business, open his own vegan restaurant and increase his income more than 10 times in less than a year.

Macuco's story
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Macuco’s story

Macuco, a lesbian craft beer business from the south of Brazil which managed to overcome the damages of the pandemic, boost their sales and expand their brand after attending our first Business Acceleration Programme, in partnership with Meta and Aliança Nacional LGBTI+.

Wanessa with her make-up
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Wanessa’s story

Wanessa is a trans woman living in poverty in Rio de Janeiro. After undertaking MRIF’s small business training in 2020, her life changed completely. Training enabled her to improve her skills, increase her income and overcome barriers and fears.

Andréa Brazil
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Andréa’s Story

Andréa Brazil, trans, activist and feminist, tells us how she founded Capacitrans, assisting trans people in Rio obtain professional qualifications.

Man Blowing
Emergency housing and support

Zaid’s story

A new refugee’s struggle to find accommodation and move on after waiting months for a decision on his asylum claim.

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Emergency housing and support

Abdul’s story

£36 prevented homelessness and legal uncertainty. How LGBTI asylum seekers struggle with homelessness and poverty.