Brazil is known for having a liberal society, which often displays attitudes of sexual openness and freedom of expression. However, when it comes to LGBTI people, Brazilian society can be discriminatory and intolerant. LGBTI people face high levels of discrimination and homophobic violence, including extreme violence such as murder.

Wanessa with her make-up
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Wanessa’s story

Wanessa is a trans woman living in poverty in Rio de Janeiro. After undertaking MRIF’s small business training in 2020, her life changed completely. Training enabled her to improve her skills, increase her income and overcome barriers and fears.

8th small business training
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Giving hope to LGBTI entrepreneurs in Brazil amid the pandemic

MRIF held its eighth training for low-income LGBTI entrepreneurs in Brazil between April and July 2021. Giving hope to our beneficiaries amid the pandemic and increased support networks for LGBTI entrepreneurs across the country.

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Ficha de Inscrição

Estão abertas as inscrições para a 8ª turma do curso de empreendedorismo do projeto Micro Rainbow Brasil

Andréa Brazil
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Through the eyes of a trans activist

To celebrate Transgender Visibility Month, we share the story of a trans activist who joined our small business course and became a member of our Brazil team.

Economic empowerment & advocacy

LGBTI entrepreneurship

Micro Rainbow launches a pioneering publication, “LGBT Entrepreneurship: case studies of socioeconomic empowerment in Rio de Janeiro between 2015-2017”.

Economic empowerment & advocacy

Winners of an entrepreneurship award in Brazil

The Micro Rainbow Brazil Project received the Láurea CAF 2017 award, which acknowledges the best initiatives in support of micro entrepreneurship in Brazil promoted by